Ring Stack Guide

Let your unique personality shine with a beautiful ring stack! We’ll share a few tips and tricks on how to build your statement ring stack that’s creative and individual to you. Scroll down to see our guide and get started on building your rotation! 


Step 1: Select your gold colour

Feel free to mix metals as you wish, but our recommendation would be to keep it simple by sticking to one gold colour - whether it’s yellow, white or rose gold. 

Step 2: Include a centrepiece 

This is going to be the focal point of your ring stack, so show it off with a little radiance and sparkle. This is going to be the star of the show! Our favorites (but not limited to) are our Twist Eclipse Ring and our iconic Twist Drop Ring.  

Step 3: Stack around it 

Here comes the fun part - mix and match any rings to create a combination that feels and represents your personality. We’ve got a foray of options for you to select from - Le Sommet, Twist Clove Ring, Twist Chandelier Ring, Coronet, Pixie and Laurel to name a few. Have fun with it and add some texture, style and shapes to your stack.

Build your ring stack now, and have fun with it!