"From the very beginning, we have existed to celebrate the best of life. We offer inspired individuality and a ceaseless passion for detail, as evidenced in jewelry that exceeds expectations, from our family to yours."



As a concept is formed in reality, it is monitored in 10 separate quality-control stations. Metals are alloyed to ensure enduring craftsmanship. Details are celebrated in the complicated beadwork, filigree, and engraving that set our pieces apart. When working with white gold, we also alloy with palladium, which minimizes the allergens and helps retain true color.



All of our micro-set diamonds are hand set and then inspected under microscopes by seasoned artisans who work within one of three disciplines: pavé settings, channel settings, or prongs. This ensures that all diamonds are securely fastened and that they reflect light exactly as conceptualized. Additionally, unlike many in the industry who use glue to set diamonds or set them using only two prongs, we go a step further and use four prongs to protect diamonds and prevent stones from falling out.



We believe a piece of fine jewelry should play an important part in the story of the people who give and receive it. It’s just one of the reasons why we care about the story of every diamond used in every piece we create, and it’s why each is 100 percent conflict free.


Lovemark is a Lifetime

Lovemark Diamond has been a family business since 1966 until now. Inspired by the beauty of Belgium's artistic life and culture, we want to bring the European elegance and beauty to the other side of the world.

One of our greatest vision is to share all the European beauty through our diamonds and become a mark to remember every important moments in your life.

A Lovemark Diamond, the symbol of eternal love and declaration of love

Love is perfectly aligned for those who believe in. Every moment we cherish between us and our loved ones.

Within each of our Lovemark Diamond, 8 perfectly symmetrical hearts and arrows are clearly visible. With cutting edge technology, high precision & polishing, we bring the perfect hearts & arrow to your life.


Signature of A Lovemark Diamond, celebrate the beauty of every first's.

All diamond was once a rough diamond,
all memories was once a moment,
There will always be a moment in life to celebrate.
and lovemark is a lifetime