Diamonds are for everyday

Naturally formed after millions of years of immense heat and pressure deep within the Earth, diamonds embody the strength to accompany you through your everyday experiences – from your toughest climbs to your most deserving moments.

Humble yet full of character

Lovemark Diamond reinvents timeless designs with intricate details. We invite you to discover the little surprises within each piece - our heart-shaped prongs, twist bands, and Fleur’s twirling petals. They bring distinct character to classical styles, modest yet unordinary, and we believe this confidence sits within you too.

We are the everyday refinery to your uniform, the easy flair to your strength, and the effortless grace to your elegance. We believe that your every moment marks a step towards defining you, and each one of them deserves a radiant sparkle.

Rooted in Hearts and Arrows (H&A) diamond trading in Antwerp

We draw on artistry rooted in the exquisite craftsmanship from Antwerp, the diamond capital of the world, where our founder first specialised in the cutting and trading of H&A diamonds. Hearts and Arrows diamonds are a premium type of diamond precisely cut and polished to exhibit eight arrows from the top and eight hearts from the bottom. The precision breathes magic into the stone and gives it extraordinary fire and brilliancy that can be seen with the naked eye. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship continues to this day and has become a promise worn proudly on our logo.

Conflict-free diamonds

Every diamond has its story. It is important for us that its journey, from a rough in the mine to the hands of our craftsmen, is socially and environmentally ethical. Our conflict-free diamonds are mined and shipped responsibly, in compliance with the United Nations Resolutions.