Our Beginning in Jewellery Manufacturing

We are passionate about the art of jewellery-making. With over 30 years of experience in designing and making fine jewellery for retailers globally, we have perfected our craftsmenship to produce exceptional jewellery pieces catering to different style preferences across different markets. We understand great jewellery showcases diamonds’ rarity and strength, which is why we pay great attention to sourcing and setting the finest natural diamonds. We have always dreamt about creating a look that is uniquely ours, and so a few years ago we launched our own retail brand - Lovemark Diamond.

   Rooted in Hearts and Arrows (H&A) Diamond Trading in Antwerp

The name “Lovemark Diamond” was originally our diamond-cutting house in Antwerp. We’ve built on this rich heritage and expanded Lovemark Diamond to become a fully-fledged jewellery brand. You might have noticed our logo incorporates the H&A diamond icon, the original Lovemark Diamond’s specialty, which you can also find in some of our more exclusive pieces. As well as paying homage to the old diamond-cutting house, our jewellery designs are inspired by Antwerp’s traditional architecture, vibrant nature, and rich history.


Discover the design inspiration behind every collection, and the craftsman’s surprises within each piece - from the twirling petals in our Fleurs Necklace, the unique heart-shaped prongs in our Lovemark Ring, to our hand-twisted Twist Bangle. We aspire to reinvent timeless styles with distinct Lovemark Diamond character and create exquisite jewellery for your every moment.

Conflict-free diamonds & precious gold

Every diamond has its story, from a rough in the mine to the hands of our craftsmen. All of our diamonds are socially and environmentally ethical, conflict-free, and mined and shipped responsibly in compliance with the United Nations Resolutions. We insist on employing expert craftsmanship and using only the best materials to actualise these designs. Every piece of jewellery is set and polished by hand, using only 18K gold or platinum and conflict-free natural diamonds.